Judi’s Professional Lawn Care Referral Program

To Our Valued Customers:

I want to introduce you to our referral program. These days we are all looking for ways to save a few dollars. Well, with this outstanding program, you can save lots of dollars! Here’s how it works

For your first referral that becomes an active customer on the full 8 application program, we will add a credit worth $40 to your account.

Then for other referrals, you will receive the following referral credits:

Referral #2 A Credit worth $60.00
Referral #3 A Credit worth $80.00
Referral #4 A Credit worth $100.00

We will track the number of referrals in your account. Once you have referred 5 or more referrals, you become a lifetime Premier Customer, which means you will receive the following benefits that will remain in effect for as long as you are an active customer on the full lawn care program (8 treatments per year):

Any special service you order (such as fire ant or grub prevention) will be half price, every time. You will never again have a rate increase in your lawn care program – your prices will be frozen.

Now for the rules – bet you think there’s going to be lots of tiny, small print rules – nope, the rules are quite simple. We will not issue checks for credits, but the credits will be available to be used on any Judi’s Professional Lawn Care service you desire. Just schedule a service and the credit will show on your printed invoice.

I think you’ll agree this is a pretty exciting referral program and we look forward to sharing our success with all of you! Just remember to tell your friends, relatives or co-workers to mention your name when they call.

We are fully insured and have been licensed by the state of Alabama since 1997.